Kara's Flamenco Page Updates

JANUARY 13, 2014

Happy New Year! Added extra links to Flamenco Costumes page and continually updating Vancouver Local Events Twitter page. In addition there is a Pinterest Flamenco Board page link added on the bottom right of every page, check it out!

DECEMBER 12, 2013

Just realized that my email listed on the Contact page has been incorrect for the past year and a half since switching ISPs, just updated to kara.m.lawrence@gmail.com. Sorry if you sent me a message recently - for some reason no error message returns to sender, but they still haven't been received.

DECEMBER 10, 2013

Audio from Google Translate added to both the Flamenco Terms page and the Jaleos page.

DECEMBER 9, 2013

Updates to several parts of the site, fixed the Twitter issue, also now posting daily about local flamenco events and artists after a hiatus. Added a Flamenco Costumes Links page and a Guestbook featuring past comments. Basic Flamenco Dance Movements and Flamenco Costumes information pages are in the works including an Android/iPhone app!

AUGUST 21, 2011

Kflamenco.com revised with added content, more on the way.


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