Flamenco Jaleos

The verb “jalear” means “to cheer on” - Jaleos are shouts of encouragement that the supporting flamenco group and audience can participate when they feel so inspired. Flamencos can even use jaleos to support the onstage dancers and even use sounds without meaning to go along rythmically.

Olé! Alé!
- common jaleo, said to be derived from word Allah!
- let's go!
- hurrah!

Toma! / Que Toma!

- means take it! 
Así Se Baila! /
Toca! / Canta!
- that’s how you dance!/play!/sing!
Mira Tu!
- look at you!
Guapa! (female) or
Guapo! (male)
- beautiful! or handsome!
Balia Bien!
- good dancing!
- chorus!
- sweet!
Eso Es!
- that's it!
- literally means water, implying they are on fire!

Audio used is from Google Translate which has minor innaccuracies and will differ from the Andalucian Spanish accent most commonly used in flamenco.


















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