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A'Brazo Flamenco - Based in Montréal
Ecole Rae Bowhay
- Based in Montréal
Flamenco Delphine Mantha - Based in Montréal
Flamenco Rosanne Dion - Based in Montréal
Marie Parisella
- Based in Montréal
L’Académie Ballet Flamenco - Based in Montréal
The Centre de Danse Flamenco - Based in Montréal
studio PLEAMAR - Based in Montréal
École Flamenco Si Julie Perreault - Based in Quebéc City
Studio de danse Flam&co - Based in Quebéc City


Festival Flamenco de Montréal - Yearly week long festival with local, Canada wide and international performers


La Otra Orilla
Trio CaMelo
Trio Pierre le Duc

Impulso Flamenco


Alexandra Templier - Singer based in Montréal
Aurélie Brunelle - Dancer based in Montréal
Caroline Plante - Guitarist based in Montréal
Chloé Brûlé - Dancer who is originally from Montréal, now based in Spain and returns often to perform and give workshops
Dennis - Dancer based in Montréal
Dominique Soulard - Guitarist based in Montréal
Fernando Gallego - Singer based in Montréal
Jheinsen Montalvo - Guitarist based in Montréal
Jose Luis - Singer and dancer based in Montréal
Katherine Oliveri - Dancer based in Montréal
Kristin Molnar - Singer/Violinist/Dancer based in Montréal
Marcos Marin - Singer based in Montréal
Marie-Andrée Cloutier - Dancer based in Montréal
Sarah Bronsard - Dancer based in Montréal

































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